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Mark the end of an era for your high schooler with senior photography packages in Charlotte, NC, with Eliza Jane Photography.
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Senior graduation is one of the most important milestones in a teenager’s life. Why not commemorate the occasion and mark the start of a new chapter in life with senior photography? Getting professional senior portraits before the big day is a fantastic way to feel like a confident model as you celebrate your achievements.

When parents and seniors want an experienced senior photographer in Charlotte, NC, they turn to Eliza Jane Photography. I have years of experience capturing my clients’ essence and personality regardless of age. With me, you’ll feel like a rockstar in front of the camera lens.

Why Get Senior Photographer Services in Charlotte?

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Many high schools have basic senior photoshoots to have pictures for their yearbooks. Yet, those sessions don’t showcase the fun and uniqueness of each student. That’s why many parents and soon-to-be high school graduates prefer to hire a skilled senior photographer in Charlotte, NC.

I believe in celebrating life and major milestones like high school graduations. You’ve accomplished so much at this point in life and still have more to experience. By booking a professional senior photographer in Charlotte, you can acknowledge this chapter of your life with a photoshoot designed especially for you.

Senior Photos Charlotte NC

Feel Like a Star with Charlotte Senior
Portrait Sessions

At Eliza Jane Photography, you can be yourself. As one of the best senior photographers in Charlotte, I capture the best of you on camera while creating an unforgettable experience.

I have a vibrant photography style with boldness and defined tones that create specific moods. I also have a flare for the dramatic and a love for laughter and fun.

There’s no cookie-cutter approach to my senior photography services. Whether you want to have multiple wardrobe changes, drastic makeup, a shoot spanning multiple locations, or a simplistic senior photoshoot experience, I can help you make that happen.

What Comes with Senior Photography in Charlotte, NC

You can get these services and more when you book senior portraits with Eliza Jane Photography:
  • At least an hour-long photoshoot at your preferred location
  • Access to a virtual interactive styling program
  • A professional consultation and session guide
  • Stunning hand-edited images
  • Access to a downloadable image gallery of your senior portraits online
Everyone’s experiences and preferences are different, so I’m willing to add services and make accommodations.
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Popular Add-Ons and Themes for the Ultimate Photoshoot Experience

Senior portraits feature you as the main star. Still, many people enjoy having unique themes or moments in their pictures. Consider these ideas for your photoshoot:

Graduation Photographer Charlotte NC

Mini family photoshoot

Athlete Competition Sports Photographer

Athlete pictures

Best Friend Photos Charlotte NC

Best friend photos

 Achievement Photography Charlotte

Golden hour

Charlotte NC Senior Photographer


Lifestyle Photography

Candid pictures around town

With Eliza Jane Photography, you can be confident your senior photo session will be one to remember.

Frequently Asked Questions About Senior Portraits

You’ll likely have a few questions if it’s your first time working with a professional senior photographer in Charlotte. That’s why I conveniently answered some frequently asked questions on the topic below.

What Should You Wear for Your Senior Photo Session?
You can wear whatever you want for your senior photo session as long as it works for your style, comfort, and vision. During your consultation, we will discuss the concept for your senior portraits and possible ideas for your wardrobe.
Where Is the Ideal Location for Senior Portraits?
At Eliza Jane Photography, the clients determine where the shoot takes place. During your consultation, we’ll discuss possible locations, whether it involves a bustling downtown street or a tranquil nature scene.
What Does Image Editing Look Like for Senior Photography?
Senior photography editing usually involves minor adjustments to contrast, color, and brightness and minimal touch-ups to your appearance or background. I carefully hand-edit every picture to ensure the best outcome without over-processing.
When Is the Best Time to Book a Senior Photographer in Charlotte, NC?
It’s never too early to book a senior photographer in Charlotte, NC. People often book during the summer or fall before their seniors’ graduation year, but the spring season is also a great choice.

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