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It’s no secret that professional photos are the physical manifestation of your memories. When you look at your pictures, you can remember specific events, people, and experiences. That’s what makes lifestyle photography so appealing; it captures the raw uniqueness of your life on camera, creating more meaningful memories and precious moments.

If you’re interested in working with a lifestyle photographer in Charlotte, NC, look no further than Eliza Jane Photography.
As a respected photographer with years of experience getting special moments on camera, I specialize in natural photography sessions. Allow me to bring out your personality in an artistic way that’s unique to you.

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One thing to know about me and why I started Eliza Jane Photography is my love for witnessing the many ways people form relationships and connections. I’m a natural observer and find people endlessly captivating.

As a lifestyle photographer in Charlotte, NC, my hope is to preserve you at your best, your most vulnerable, or somewhere in between. Lifestyle photography is about being candid, honest, and authentic. Whether you’re cuddling with your children on a messy couch or hiking your favorite trail, I want to use my skills as a photographer to help you express the real you.

Lifestyle Photography in Charlotte NC

Amazing Benefits of Lifestyle Photography

Lifestyle photography is all about natural, everyday life. It’s not as structured or posed as traditional portraits. Still, this photography style has many benefits to offer, including the following:
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Emotional Connections

When people look at a natural, unposed moment in a picture, they can better relate to it.

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Honest Images

Many people feel more comfortable and relaxed when a photographer doesn’t overly direct them. This comfort often yields raw, honest images.
Lifestyle Photographer Charlotte NC


The right photographer can create a narrative that displays a person’s lifestyle, hobbies, family, personality, or values.

My Approach as a Professional Lifestyle Photographer in Charlotte

Someone with ample experience as a professional lifestyle photographer can make their candid shots look effortless and 100% natural. In reality, I go to great lengths to produce gorgeous pictures that my clients will cherish forever.

Though I love having sessions around the golden hour before sunrise or sunset, I have experience holding sessions in almost every weather condition. I don’t shy away from different environments or sets.

If you need help feeling comfortable in front of the camera, you can count on me for gentle guidance or prompts. I encourage everyone to be open and have a great time.

What Comes with My Lifestyle Photography Packages in Charlotte, NC

Here’s the baseline of what you can expect when you book a lifestyle photo session with Eliza Jane Photography:

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A detailed consultation and session guide

Showcase Photography

An hour or more of photo time at your choice of location

Capture Your Life Photographer

Interactive styling program access

Charlotte NC Lifestyle Photographer

A stunning collection of hand-edited downloadable photos

As your lifestyle photographer in Charlotte, NC, you can rest assured that Eliza Jane Photography will capture your authentic moments and turn them into gorgeous photos.

Frequently Asked Questions About Lifestyle Photography

If you’re curious about Charlotte lifestyle photo sessions, you’re not alone. Read more about the subject with the answers to these frequently asked questions.
What's Lifestyle Photography?
Lifestyle photography captures people and families in real-life, candid moments or milestones through an artistic lens. Examples of lifestyle photography include pictures of children interacting with their parents and a person exploring the outdoors.
Who Picks the Location for a Lifestyle Photoshoot?
The client selects their preferred location for their lifestyle photo session. As one of the best lifestyle photographers in Charlotte, I always let clients pick the backdrop for their sessions—a perk for me since I love exploring new locations.
Is Lifestyle Photography Different From Portrait Photography?
Lifestyle and portrait photography are different. Portrait photography has more posing and direction from the photographer. Lifestyle photography is more organic and less staged.
Why Would Anyone Want a Lifestyle Photo Session?
People usually want pictures from a lifestyle photographer in Charlotte, NC, because they want genuine photos that feature the essence of their lives and personalities. These photo sessions produce pictures that are full of charm, character, and vulnerability in some cases.

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