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Choose Eliza Jane of Eliza Jane Photography as your family photographer in Charlotte, NC.

Families come in all shapes, sizes, and traditions. One thing they all share is an unconditional love for each unique member. Booking a Charlotte family photo studio can help you encapsulate your children’s growth stages, your family’s evolution, and numerous other fascinating aspects of an ever-changing yet intimately connected group of people.

As one of the best family photographers in Charlotte, North Carolina, I’d love to transform your precious family moments into lasting masterpieces. Introduce me to your spouse, children, pets, and other relatives. I’ll handle the rest!

Capturing Precious Moments with a Professional Family Photographer in Charlotte

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Traditionally, family photos involved a portrait setup, with you choosing an appealing backdrop. Your Charlotte, NC, family photographer would arrange everyone into somewhat cohesive poses. Then, you’d pray no one blinked, everyone smiled, and the kids behaved.

While these traditional portraits possess a vintage charm, they don’t suit every family’s personality. Therefore, my family photography packages in Charlotte, NC, are more flexible. We can capture everyone’s expressions and sense of style using the most natural techniques possible.

Instead of a typical studio setup, let’s find scenic locations featuring gorgeous backdrops. I’ll capture crystal-clear photos of:

  • Your children as they laugh and play
  • You and your spouse doting on each other
  • Your aunts, uncles, and parents laughing and enjoying each other’s company
  • Your furry family members participating in the fun

Each family is unique. A family photographer in Charlotte, NC, should honor that individuality.

Family Photographer Charlotte NC

My Process for Family Photo Services in Charlotte, North Carolina

First, you’ll reach out to me about my family photo services in Charlotte. We’ll schedule a consultation where we can discuss some details and stories about your family. I want to get to know each member involved in the photoshoot. Tell me all about:
Family Photos Charlotte

How you and your spouse met

Charlotte Family Photos

The births of your children

Family Photography Charlotte

What each child likes and dislikes

Best Family Photos in Charlotte NC

Family values that you uphold

Don’t worry about making your children smile for the camera. I will earn their authentic smiles by interacting with them on their level.

Preserving Little Memories for a Lifetime

When you book my Charlotte family photo studio for a session, you can elaborate on your vision with me.
What do you want these photos to demonstrate?

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Matching outfits in a serene setting beautifully showcases that your home is with your family.

Charlotte NC Family Photographer


Every family member expresses themselves in unique ways. Letting everyone choose their own outfits while interacting with one another demonstrates each individual relationship.

Unique Family Photos


Are you expecting a baby? Perhaps you recently welcomed a little one. Let’s celebrate your growing family with photos!

Professional Family Photos


Laughing, holding hands, and embracing can beautifully express your strong family ties.

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Flaunt your achievements and triumphs with daring poses on the nearby Appalachian mountains. Outdoor shoots offer an opportunity to show how you’ve faced and overcome challenges together.!


Ask Eliza Jane Photography to Serve as Your Family Photographer in Charlotte, NC

Family bonds last forever. As a family photographer in Charlotte, NC, I’ll take photos that represent your eternal bond.

Frequently Asked Questions About Charlotte, NC, Family Photography

What are some great backdrops for family photoshoots?
Some great backdrops for family photoshoots are scenic bridges, forests, and rock formations in and around Charlotte, North Carolina. We’ll discuss the details and pinpoint the vibe you want to set during your photoshoot.
How long is the average family photoshoot?
The average family photoshoot is usually between an hour and an hour and a half long. If your timeslot lasts longer, we’ll take breaks so the kids can move around.
What times of day are best for family photoshoots?
Sunrise and sunset are the best times of day for family photoshoots. Many photographers prefer sunrise since the rays are gentler when illuminating the subjects’ faces.
How can I be more photogenic for our family photoshoot?
You can be more photogenic for your family photoshoot by practicing poses and positions in the mirror. You’ll become more aware of how you naturally carry your body versus what looks good from a front-facing perspective.

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