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Capture and share intimate moments from your elopement with Eliza Jane Photography as your elopement photographer in Charlotte, NC.

Many couples increasingly consider elopement as an alternative to the average wedding ceremony. If you and your spouse-to-be think an elopement suits you, you will want to commemorate the big day with a Charlotte elopement photo studio. Eliza Jane Photography specializes in helping couples document romantic milestones through the art of masterful photography.

Let me stage photo opportunities and highlight perfect personal moments during your intimate ceremony.

What Makes Elopement Different?

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An elopement originally involved the couple running away to marry in secrecy. They might include one or two close friends at the discreet ceremony. Then, they’d eventually announce their union to a wider circle of friends and family on their own time.

While some couples still elope the traditional way, many others have challenged this definition. A modern elopement might include a slightly larger circle of friends and family members. A modest wedding ceremony takes place in a scenic area like Charleston, North Carolina.

I adore elopements because they prioritize the start of the marriage. As a professional elopement photographer in Charleston, North Carolina, I’ve had the privilege to assist many couples in choosing breathtaking locations with personal significance for flawless photographs that represent their journey to marriage.

Elopement Photographer Charlotte

Eliza Jane Photography’s Elopement Photo Services in Charlotte

Something that makes elopements special is the ability to personalize your experience based on what matters to you and your spouse-to-be. Since you aren’t managing every detail, you can focus more on your relationship, how you got to this point, and why you originally fell in love with your significant other. Exploring my elopement photography packages in Charlotte, NC, can help you build a unique experience.

As one of the best elopement photographers in Charlotte, I have experience with traditional and adventure elopements. A traditional elopement typically involves a modest, time-honored ceremony. You might take your vows in a court, a tiny chapel, or a family’s personal property.

Adventure elopements allow a little more creativity. You might choose a significant outdoor location. For example, your first kiss might occur on a particular hiking trail point. Therefore, you and your wedding party will hike to that place for the ceremony to commence.

No matter your choice, you can trust me to photograph moments that beautifully reflect the journey, struggles, and achievements that got you to the altar.

Make Your Elopement as Unique as Your Love Story

Sure, choosing an elopement photographer in Charlotte, NC, means picking a candidate who:

Elopment Photography Charlotte NC

Possesses quality photography equipment for crystalline shots

Elopment Photography in Charlotte

Provides services within your budget

Best Elopement Photographer in Charlotte NC

Has a portfolio showcasing their talents

However, you want someone who goes above the basics. Your elopement photographer should connect with you and your spouse, understanding each attendee’s influence and relationship with you. The photographs might feel impersonal without that essential connection.

Once you contact me, we’ll set a time to discuss your vision and needs. I want to know every detail:

Elopment Photographer

How did you meet?

Elopment Photographer Charlotte

Who will attend?

Elopment Photographer

Where will your ceremony take place?

Elopment Photographer in Charlotte NC

What ceremony details are special to you?

After we finalize the paperwork, I’ll make your elopement day last forever!

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Frequently Asked Questions About Charlotte, NC, Elopement Photography

How far in advance should I plan my elopement?
Plan your elopement at least six months in advance. While elopements require fewer preparations, you’ll still want specific details to be perfect.
Does elopement photography cost less than wedding photography?
Elopement photography doesn’t necessarily cost less than wedding photography. The price ultimately depends on your scheduled time slot, the travel plans, and other pertinent details.
How many photos do I get from my elopement photographer?
You should get around 50 photos an hour from your elopement photographer. All elopement ceremonies are unique. Therefore, the final photo count depends on your special day’s itinerary.
How should I pose for elopement photos?
Pose for elopement photos by maintaining good posture and keeping your hand close to your new spouse. Try holding hands, embracing one another, and other intimate, romantic positions.

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