Couples Photographer in Charlotte, NC

Surprise yourself and your significant other with timeless memories captured on camera.

So many defining moments arise before slipping away when you and your beloved enjoy each other’s company on an average day. What if you could capture and look back on those memories whenever you wanted? Charlotte, NC, couples photography by Eliza Jane Photography returns those fleeting moments to you.

Professionally staged photographs help you tell your own romance story. Whether you’re still in the honeymoon phase or you enjoy a mature, stable romance spanning decades, you can display your unique love story through pictures.

Commemorate Your Unique Relationship

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As a professional couples photographer in Charlotte, NC, I’ve had the privilege of encountering countless couples with riveting romance narratives. Despite their differences, many clients face similar challenges:

  • Blurry selfies with precious backstories
  • Carefully crafted setups with mediocre lighting or unflattering angles
  • Smudged lenses veiling monumental kisses

Although you might keep these images for personal photo albums, facial expressions, gorgeous outfits, and momentous occasions fall prey to photographic imperfections.

You can reinvent your romance with a little help from my Charlotte couples photo studio. When you want to showcase your relationship with your special someone, simply reach for the professional copies that flawlessly capture the vibrance, joy, and warmth they bring to your life. After an initial consultation, you can leave the details to me.

Couples Photography

What to Expect From My Couples Photo Services in Charlotte, NC

Before a couples photoshoot, I like to get an idea of who my clients are. We’ll start with a consultation where you’ll tell me about your relationship, how your significant other has impacted your life, and what you’d like to commemorate. Then, you can tell me how you’d like to arrange your photoshoot:

Charlotte Couples Photography

Studio settings

Some clients prefer to take their photos inside. I can create an intimate indoor setup that looks and feels as natural as your love.

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Outdoor scenery

Charlotte, North Carolina, has endless scenic features like mountains, fields, and forests. We’ll take a walk on the wild side during a photographic golden hour for best results.

Charlotte Couples Photographer

Outfits and makeup

You and your partner likely have a unique sense of style. We’ll coordinate clothing, makeup, and accessories to highlight your unique features.

Couples Photographer Charlotte NC


Is your photoshoot a spur-of-the-moment endeavor or part of a larger surprise? Let’s work out the details to capture your photoshoot’s purpose.

Professional Couples Photography in Charlotte

Why You Should Explore Couples Photography Packages in Charlotte, NC

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As one of the best couples photographers in Charlotte, North Carolina, I frequently document momentous occasions like engagements, weddings, and elopements. However, I also adore more casual bookings that capture the day-to-day nature of love. Add a romantic couples photoshoot as part of a celebration for:

  • Your partner’s birthday: Honor your significant other’s life with commemorative photos that will last a lifetime.
  • Your anniversary: Make this anniversary even more special with professional photos demonstrating your unique journey.
  • A Valentine’s Day surprise: Show your partner that Cupid’s arrow hit its mark.

You can also book my services just because you want to! I am passionate about the fairy-tale details found in everyday relationships. Let’s uncover and capture the “happily ever after” in yours.


Profess Your Love with Eliza Jane Photography as Your Couples Photographer in Charlotte, NC

Whether you’re celebrating a milestone or simply basking in the love your relationship brings, you can demonstrate your feelings through Eliza Jane Photography, a couples photographer in Charlotte, NC.

Frequently Asked Questions About Couples Photograph In Charlotte

What is couples photography for?
Couples photography is for capturing defining moments on camera with your significant other. You can use your session as an anniversary, Valentine’s Day, or birthday gift to commemorate your relationship.
Should I tip my couples photographer?
You can tip your couples photographer. However, you don’t have to do so. I always appreciate the gesture.
How should I plan my couples photoshoot?
Plan your couples photoshoot by booking and speaking with your photographer months in advance. I can help you choose outfits, iconic Charlotte backdrops, and other creative details for personal, romantic shots.
How long do couples photoshoots last?
Couples photoshoots usually last around an hour. However, your time slot depends on your preferences and how many outfits you want to model.

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