Wedding Photographer in Charlotte, NC

As a wedding photographer in Charlotte, NC, I can preserve your most precious moments through professional photography.

Throughout my years of photography experience, I’ve discovered that photography services mean more than taking photos for a client. They involve building relationships with people who entrusted me with capturing precious milestones. If you’re seeking the best wedding photographers in Charlotte, North Carolina, to capture the loving spirit of your commitment, trust Eliza Jane Photography.

On Your Special Day…

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You’ll fuss over your dress to ensure the veil and train look immaculate. You might share a tearful moment with Mom or Dad, reminiscing over bygone days when fancy clothes were for dress-up sessions. When you finally walk down the aisle, you’ll focus on your spouse as they wait for you to speak those two iconic words: “I do.”

All the hustle and bustle of preparing for the ceremony will fly by. Years from now, you’ll look back on the occasion by fondly flipping through albums or silently regarding an ornately framed photo depicting you and your spouse. You want those photos to perfectly encapsulate the emotions and atmosphere of the day.

As a professional wedding photographer in Charlotte, North Carolina, I will make that happen. Let’s team up to ensure every last detail lasts a lifetime.

Wedding Photographer Charlotte NC

Eliza Jane Photography’s Wedding Experience

My wedding photography packages in Charlotte, NC, begin when you contact me. I work tirelessly from the time you call to arrange a photography package that perfectly suits your love story. Every bride and groom deserves a fairytale experience on their special day.

My professional photos depict nothing less. Once we settle on package pricing and other paperwork details, we will hash out the wedding agenda. Tell me about your journey as a couple. I want to know:

Wedding Photographer Charlotte

How you met

Wedding Photography

Your path to the altar

Best Charlotte Wedding Photographer

Why Charlotte, North Carolina, holds significance to you

Best Charlotte Wedding Photographer

Why you committed
to one another

These details help me capture the whimsical, romantic moments that will mean the most to you in the future. After all, as a wedding photographer in Charlotte, NC, my job is to tell your story through quality pictures.

Professional Wedding Photographer Charlotte NC

Make Some Magic with Charlotte, NC, Wedding Photography

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One of the perks of getting married in Charlotte is the seemingly endless photo opportunities. My Charlotte wedding photo studio allows me to photograph couples with the most scenic backdrops. Mountains, forests, fields – you name it. I can photograph you and your spouse there.

Even the main street and downtown areas have charmingly romantic architecture that will amplify your love. If you aren’t sure where your wedding photoshoot should take place, just ask me for recommendations, and I’ll help you find the perfect spot for a perfect day.

I’ll also capture the enchantment of the wedding ceremony, reception, and other events. You’ll get an assortment of idyllic photographs to keep the moment alive for years. Reach out to me to immortalize this memorable milestone.


Choose Eliza Jane Photography as Your Wedding Photographer in Charlotte, NC

As a wedding photographer in Charlotte, NC, I am passionate about everyday love stories and their details.

Frequently Asked Questions About My Charlotte Wedding Photo Services

How much should I budget for a wedding photographer?
The amount you should budget for a wedding photographer depends on varying factors, such as the number of shots you want and the wedding party size. I’ll consult you about your wedding day details before providing a quote.
How many photos should I expect from my wedding photographer?
You should expect a wedding photographer to take around 50 shots every hour of service. The final count depends on the wedding itinerary and the time slot you hired the photographer to fill.
Should I pay my wedding photographer up front?
You should pay your wedding photographer up front with the agreed-upon security deposit. Provide the rest of the service payment after the photographer finishes their service.
Is it okay to negotiate with a wedding photographer?
You can negotiate with a wedding photographer if they can work with you. Politely touch on the subject by discussing your budget during your initial consultation.

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