Destination Wedding Photographer

Do you have your destination wedding planned but still need a photographer willing to travel? Finding a destination wedding photographer doesn’t have to feel overwhelming. While you could hire a photographer based in the location, hiring a photographer who specializes in destination weddings brings some unique benefits.

Keep reading to discover the benefits of hiring Eliza Jane Photography, like her unique eye for scenery and her demonstrable skill and experience. Don’t trust anyone else to capture one of the most important events in your life.

What To Consider for Destination Wedding Photography?

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Does a photographer for a destination wedding take a different approach compared to a local wedding? The process is very similar but requires some special considerations to ensure you’re happy with your final results. Keep the following tips in mind:

  • Confirm you have a special connection with your photographer.
  • Choosing a photographer near your hometown helps you develop the connection before your wedding.
  • Prioritize a photographer who travels a lot or specializes in destination weddings.
  • Head to social media and peruse the gallery to confirm if you like their style.
  • Consider a photographer that specializes in your specific destination type,such as beach, city, mountain, etc.
  • Remember that even if you’re eloping, you can still find a wedding photographer to capture your special moment!
Destination Wedding Photographer

The Perks of a Destination Wedding

A destination wedding photographer becomes uniquely attuned to the benefits of having your wedding in an exotic location. If you still need to decide whether a destination wedding is right for you, consider the following benefits.

While you’ll pay extra travel expenses for a destination wedding, in many cases, the costs for the other services and products, such as food and drink or a reception hall, can cost much less. For example, if you travel to a destination with a low cost of living, you can offset the cost of travel with more affordable lodging and food without worrying about poor quality.

You should also factor in that if you’ve planned your honeymoon in the same location as your wedding, you won’t pay additional costs for traveling. Many couples find a destination much more relaxing than planning a wedding at home because the setting itself puts them at ease. If you choose the right destination, you might actually pay less for your destination wedding than you would for one at home.

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Why Clients Choose Eliza Jane Photography

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Why do couples choose Eliza Jane Photography to capture their destination wedding? As a world traveler, enthusiastic communicator, and passionate artist, she knows a picture can speak to your soul, evoke meaningful memories, and provide a lifetime of sentiment that can help you endure the rough patches.

Eliza finds beauty in every moment. From the mundane to the spiritual, she knows every picture can tell a layer of stories, and the more you look at it, the deeper the meaning becomes. You’ll appreciate her clear and consistent communication, her dedication to your satisfaction, her competitive pricing, and her unique perspective.


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If you require further evidence that Eliza Jane Photography is your best choice for a destination wedding photographer, just check out her online gallery. You’ll find no one better to uniquely capture your special moment and the splendor of your destination. You can follow her on social media for exclusive content and deals!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Read below for the answers to the most common questions about hiring a photographer for your destination wedding.

Is a Destination Wedding Worth It?
A destination wedding is worth it if you want a unique experience and have the budget to afford it. If you can, consider paying for your guests to attend. You can also opt for a smaller, more exclusive wedding.
What Can I Expect To Pay for a Destination Wedding Photographer?
In general, you can expect to pay more for destination wedding photography compared to pictures for a more traditional wedding. Depending on your photographer, you’ll pay between 25% and 50% more, based on the costs to travel to your destination. Eliza Jane Photography offers free quotes.
Does a Destination Wedding Include Special Photography?
A destination wedding can include special photography because it often focuses on capturing the exceptional scenery and events that a traditional wedding doesn’t typically include.