About Me


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I’m Eliza Jane, but you can just call me Liza.

I’ve lived a nomadic life the past 10 years, from Germany to the middle of Missouri (that Army wife life kept me on my toes), but we finally put down roots and now call Waxhaw, North Carolina home. An original Carolina girl, my heart is so very, very happy to be back in the land of the pines. (I’m also oddly possessive of “Wagon Wheel”, sorry.)

Important to know about me: I really stress over the amount of exclamation points I use in correspondence. I don’t want to come off maniacal, but I want you to know how excited I am to be communicating with you!

About Eliza Jane

My Official Titles

  • Memory keeper
  • Wife to my best friend, Zack
  • Mama to my most favorite humans in the world – my four babies. They are my everything.

My Unofficial Titles

  • Abandoned places explorer (Landed me in the ER once, but I just can’t quit that #urbex life.)
  • Dramatic coffee-drinker
  • roud Type B personality (I feel like we are under-represented! Easy-going and flexible, heyyyy.)

A few things I’m into

Light and shadows. Playing between the two. At least 3x a day I ask someone (usually one of my poor children) to “stop right there, let me see the light on your face!” It’s gotten a little out of hand, but it tends to be useful in this line of work.
Rainy days. My husband thinks I am a freak, but when I wake up & it’s raining, I am positively GLEEFUL.
Guacamole (yeah, I know it’s extra)
Things that make you look twice
Working out
Plot twists (The Sixth Sense was the best plot twist of all time, change my mind.)
The smell of a baby
Antique stores
Feeling (Enneagram 4)

This quote speaks to my soul. I am not kidding- I see beauty everywhere. Even in the mundane. Especially in the mundane. We humans are a wild bunch, but I believe we are among the most incredible subjects this world has to offer.

You’ve got a story. A really beautiful one, and it’s unfolding every day.
Let’s tell about it.